A Sailor Jerry Salute to Salty Seamen

Sailor Jerry tattoo art

Norman Collins made his own very particular contri­bution to military history, lore and culture. Namely tattooing mainly scantily clad ladies on the biceps, forearms, backs and chests of countless navy servicemen. […]

The Gastro-Goth Lounge Napa Never Knew It Needed


Empire, a new lounge and restaurant in Downtown Napa next to Andaz Hotel (formerly Avia), ushered in its arrival with not one, not two, but three nights of grand opening festiv­ities. […]

BottleRock Blasts Napa Valley

BottleRock Napa

In its wake, BottleRock, which rolled through Napa May 9–12, and was an unher­alded success, has left little doubt that that Valley could play host to festival of this size. Though that hasn’t stopped a few local denizens from carping about traffic (which was star­tlingly light), VINE bus delays (which were about what they normally are on a hectic weekend, really), noise and crowds. […]

How to Make a Classic Pisco Sour

Today is appar­ently national pisco day in Chile, which we thought was, like, everyday in Chile (it may be, since it seems there is also a National Pisco Sour Day in February). […]

The Good, The Bad Religion and the BottleRock

Perry Farrell

This weekend — and this may be difficult for the Napa Vintners to reconcile — more people descended on Napa Valley than ever before. And — this may be harder still for the Auction’s orga­nizers to reconcile — they likely spent more than any other group that ever came before them. […]

Vineyard ‘Aphrodisiac Perfume’

Grape Cluster Flowering

Last year about this time, when grapevines were beginning to flower, we wrote about the sex lives of grapes — how they are hermaph­ro­ditic, self-pollinating, and the flowers are, according to the decidedly unro­mantic Jancis Robinson, “unat­tractive” and “unspec­tacular.” But what is sex without love? […]