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The table is the raft we ride through the river of our existence.”

–Adam Gopnik

When New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik appeared on Charlie Rose to talk about his book “The Table Comes First” he recalled that the title of the book came out of a conver­sation he once had with Chef Fergus Henderson of London’s famed St. John. In full British pique, Henderson complained, “I cannot believe when a young couple setting off in life buys a tele­vision. Or a sofa. Or even a bed. Don’t they know the table comes first?”

That’s when a light went on in Gopnik’s head, and he decided if he ever published a book about food that was going to serve as the title. And then he unfurled the above metaphor. And when we heard it, we thought, if we ever publish a site about exis­tence we are going to use that quote. Okay, we are exag­ger­ating a bit. But the quote, and indeed Gopnik’s book, resonated with so many things we were working on in bringing Table to Grave to fruition. This site repre­sents a certain way of looking at life. One in which the table — including the food, the drink, the conver­sation, and every­thing else that happens on, around or under it — is the center.

Why yet another site devoted to food and wine?

That’s a fair question. And we’re glad you asked. Because while we believe in the idea of getting food locally and eating what’s available, and we believe in whole animal utilization, we also fear that these concepts have become fetishized — that legions of locavore police and snout-to-trotters shock jocks have lost the intended spirit of these move­ments. We’re not out to get into food-mile pissing matches or offal arms races with anyone. We just want everyone to eat, drink and be merry. And, you know, not be an asshole about it.

Our three prin­cipal sections are Eat, Drink, and Live. Pretty self explanatory, but read more about Eat here, Drink here and the difference between ‘lifestyle’ and Living here.



Who We Are

We are food and beverage profes­sionals, writers, editors, wine makers, wine lovers, chefs, amateur cooks, butchers, students, designers, artists, photog­ra­phers and more. But mostly we are very, very hungry and thirsty.

The Editors

Courtney Humiston always carries a corkscrew. If there was one thing she took away from her education at the Culinary Institute of America, this was it. Also, how to hold a knife. As a Sommelier, Wine Educator and bartender, she takes all things beverage related very seri­ously – from pruning vines to making the perfect martini (stirred, by the way). She agrees with Bernard DeVoto’s ethos as summa­rized by Daniel Handler: “Drink more. Of certain drinks. At six o’ clock. But not too much.” She also writes the monthly wine and spirits column for San Francisco-based 7x7 Magazine.



John Capone owns two handmade knives forged from high-carbon steel (both the work of black­smith Michael Hemmer). And though he long ran a website devoted to the art of butchery, he is not a butcher (though some might say he has hacked his fair share of words). He has, in fact, been every­thing from a copy editor to daily blogger to editor. He served as exec­utive editor of MediaPost’s Media and OMMA maga­zines. He’s written for’s Grub Street, BlackBook, Radar, The Fix, The Daily, and many others. He’s also edited three Zagat guides. His heroes are Hunter S. Thompson, Jeffrey Lebowski and Harold Ross. Not neces­sarily in that order. More at

The first item John and Courtney ever purchased together was a 10 1/2-foot-long wooden table.

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