Colin M. Graham, Bermudan Rum Correspondent

Graham is is a gentleman, a sailor and a scholar. He’s rhino-chased throughout the Pacific, broken free of Waikiki to trek the windward coast and hack through North Shore jungles, lost his first mate in a card game in Terengganu, sailed through rogue waves in the Caribbean, and walked the sewers of Paris. Most recently he was shanghaied by Dutch renegades in Tunis, stole a ship in Algiers, and after a brief stint known only as the corsair of Corsica, bid farewell and adieu to the fair Spanish ladies, and beat his way around two horns to return to his home port of New York. When he’s not thrashing his way off a lee shore, he enjoys playing concert ukulele, needlepoint and a glass of something brown … usually three.

Craig A. Platt, LA Correspondent

Craig lives in Los Angeles, consumes food and works in advertising. He is a pure soul dedicated to the endeavors of a man who is in fact just that, a man. His passions are literature, art, food and the tenor of the soul at midnight when the waves are crashing into the trees and the sirens sing their songs towards a bleak sky. He also doesn’t know what the sentences preceding this mean.

Ms. Kelly Samardak, Pizza Correspondent

Kelly is a photographer and pizza addict, perhaps not in that order. She is Ohio born, NYC taught, and will probably threaten to punch you in the throat at least once. Her usual reaction after one day of working out: “Why am I not skinny yet? Where is all the food for me to eat right now?” Then she goes off in search of more pizza. And why, dear reader? She does it for you.