Chef Thomas Keller at the grand re-opening of Bouchon Bakery in Yountville by Table To Grave.

Breaking Bread: Bouchon Bakery Grand Reopens

They say man cannot live on bread alone. And that’s true even if the bread is from Bouchon and if by bread you also mean insanely rich pastries in addition to your baguettes and batards. Luckily Chef Thomas Keller’s bakery long ago added sandwiches and lunch snacks to its repertoire.

Much of the Napa Valley had gone completely Bouchon-breadless this past fall and winter after a fire knocked the Bouchon Bakery kitchen in Yountville (which supplies bread to restaurants and stores throughout the area) out of commission. The kitchen came roaring back to life several weeks ago, and on Saturday Keller and others celebrated the grand re-opening of the bakery and storefront in Yountville.

The counter and bakery case are the ones you know and love, but there a few notable additions to the menu and offerings. In the area of mostly cosmetic changes, the traffic flow into the store has reversed, with the cash register and coffee moved to the opposite side, so that you go in where you once went out and out where you once went in. If anything, this will serve to keep the throngs who once filled the courtyard between Bouchon Bistro and Bouchon Bakery safely out of view (or at least a bit further from the diners and loungers).

On the new lunch menu, in addition to classics such as a ham and cheese baguette with butter, dijon mustard and gruyere cheese there are more elaborate offerings like the Meguez: a spicy lamb sausage on house-made sheep’s yogurt bread.

You can also pick up pretty darling little jars of foie gras for $55 each (at least until the foie gras ban goes into effect and they have to start calling them pate or rillettes jars).

Check out the new Spring Sandwiches menu below: