Duck, Duck, Goose: Taking Sides In California’s Foie Gras Fight

Foiepoplectic California chefs and PETA find little common ground

From places considering foie gras “corkage fees” (Encanto says it’s considering this work around) to speakfoiesies to simply stocking up (Oenotri in Napa is trying to stock up to outlast foiemaggedon) to promoting ethical farming practices, there are sure to be no shortage of creative approaches in restaurants to dealing with, flaunting and fighting the state-wide ban against foie gras.

As the foiepocalyptic fight, which began in legislation seven years ago that went into effect July 1, sweeps across California this week has examined the issue, giving chefs and PETA equal time. There is not much middle ground here, but a group calling itself the Coalition for Humane and Ethical Faming Standards (CHEFS), founded to try to find a regulatory solution that would have prevented a ban in California, tries to make the case that there are humane ways of producing foie gras. PETA says your soul will burn in eternal hell.

Alas, in the nearly eight years between the passage of the original legislation and this week, no compromise was reached and foiehibition began. However, foiepoplectic California chefs and gourmands may find solace in the fact that a similar ban in Chicago was repealed after just two years.

But in California, there’s always the fear that Zen fascists will control you.