Habit Forming Lines In Napa

The Habit Burger Grill added its fourth Bay Area location today when it opened in Napa (joining shops in Walnut Creek, Pleasanton and San Mateo) to much ballyhoo. And by ballyhoo we mean lines out the door like you would see at Bouchon on a Sunday if they were giving out free gold bars (and by gold bars, we mean frosted eclairs).

Now there’s one thing we’ve noticed about certain Californians. Ya’ll love your fast food hamburgers nearly as much as you love 311 and Sublime trying to make a comeback. Curious Napans came to just to check this new Santa Barbara-based interloper out, to decide if they’d need to add it to their weekly regimin of In-N-Out, Jack In the Box, Gott’s and Squeeze burgers.

Some were cowed by the line, which, to be fair was imposing, but, as one guy in an American Apparel T-shirt and Tevas waiting patiently put it, “It moves fast.”

Two teenage girls looked like they might feint when they saw the line, peered in, said dismissively “It’s like a fancy In-N-Out,” and walked off (they didn’t want to be late for cutting fourth-period algebra apparently).

One woman walked up to her friend who was holding a place on line and uttered, “Christ.” “It’s like this in Walnut Creek every day,” he told her in way too cheerful a manner, pleased he was part of a genuine hamburger happening.

Another woman, likely more cognizant of taking the Lord’s name in vain, simply said “Holy moly,” while shaking her head and gazing down the line.

This day there would be “Charburgers” (the Habit’s signature sandwich) galore flying out the door, but the Habt has its work cut out for it if it’s going to keep it up. This isn’t Walnut Creek after all.

The newly minted Habit is is on Trancas in that new ass-ugly mini-mall abomination with a Chipotle and a Vitamin Shop in it (what in gentile society is referred to as “Napa Crossing”).

So have you had a Habit Burger? If you tried it, how do you think it stacks up?