Kellogg’s To Enter Flavored-Vodka Market

Brown Sugar Pop-Tart first in 'Wildlicious' line

America’s fasci­nation with flavored spirits has entered an entirely new dimension. On the heels of Pernod Ricard’s just-released trio of Mama Walker’s breakfast-inspired liqueurs — Maple Bacon, Blue­berry Pancake and Glazed Donut — Kellogg’s has announced that it is jumping into the beverage alcohol market.

Pop-Tarts VodkaThe nation’s cereal giant, based in Battle Creek, MI, has teamed up with a craft distiller from nearby Kala­mazoo to produce a line of Pop-Tarts® Vodka. The initial roll-out will include Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Classic Straw­berry and S’mores, with plans for at least three new flavors to come annually.

While industry outsiders may groan at the news, Kellogg’s spokesperson Sheldon “Sugar Smack” Smul­ligan asserted at a press conference that the new Pop-Tarts® venture is different from all previous flavored products. “What Amer­icans have always loved about Pop-Tarts®,” said Smul­ligan, “is the option to eat them toasted or untoasted. Pop– Tarts® Vodkas offer them similar fun flex­i­bility and trans­for­mative power.”

He went on to explain that, thanks to propri­etary production tech­niques, Pop– Tarts® Vodkas can be served chilled or heated. When heated, the flavors take on a “toasty edge” that resulted in the highest favorable focus-group response rate Kellogg’s has ever seen.

Indeed, the samples of chilled and “toasted” Pop-Tarts® Brown Sugar Cinnamon Vodka passed out at the press conference proved quite distinct; the heated examples had top notes of savory nutmeg followed by a burst of caramelized brown sugar leading into a slightly burnt but flaky finish.

Smul­ligan added that the new line of 80-proof vodkas had been in devel­opment at Kellogg’s head­quarters for years. While he stopped short of calling it the greatest thing since sliced bread, he did predict wild popu­larity for the new brand. “These flavors are going to have mixol­o­gists coming to work in pajamas,” he said.

When asked about the next Pop-Tarts® Vodka flavor, Smul­ligan indi­cated that it will likely be in the Wild­li­cious® family, and that each bottle will include “real sprinkles” that will create a “rainbow snow globe effect” when the bottle is shaken. He cate­gor­i­cally rejected any notion of Kellogg’s launching a comple­mentary line of spirits based on classic breakfast cereal flavors. “Now that,” he chuckled, “that would be silly.”

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