What Does ‘Keeping St. Helena St. Helena’ Mean?

There is an unfor­tunate tone to Mayor Del Britton’s campaign which makes it seem that keeping St. Helena St. Helena, means keeping some people “IN” and a lot of people “OUT” and that change is a bad thing. […]

Are You Ready For Some BBQ?

pulled pork

Serious Texas style BBQ has come to St. Helena. Every Monday at least. Starting today and every week there­after, smokey goodness will spill from the back of Ana’s Cantina from 11:30 a.m. […]

The Blue Marie, a Bloody Mary with a French Accent

French Blue patio

Three sweet little words: Now serving brunch. Few phrases bring more joy to our hearts here at TTG HQ in the brunch hinter­lands of Napa. What was once a desert, devoid of bene­dicts and bloodies, has been shaping up of late. […]

What’s in a Petiole?


Petioles, or the stems of leaves, can tell you a lot about the health of a vine. During flow­ering, vineyard managers collect petioles from throughout the vineyard and submit the tissue to lab for analysis. […]

Grignolino: One Grape Oddity’s Journey From Piedmont to Napa

Heitz Grignolino

There is a little grape called grig­nolino that almost no one knows what to do with. Hailing from the northern Piedmont, where it is mostly consumed locally (and, even there production is declining) the grape is not widely known. […]

The Secrets of the Red Room

Baccarat provides the light

When one of Burgundy’s most flam­boyant, charis­matic and charming vintners, Jean-Charles Boisset, purchased Raymond Vine­yards, a storied Napa Valley estate, in 2009, there were bound to be changes. First, the most sustainably-minded playboy on the planet initiated a strict biody­namic farming regimen, starting the long, arduous process of restoring soil health and biodi­versity to the 224 acres that Raymond manages, both on the St. […]

The Sex Life of Grapes

Anther fully extended

Flowers are every­where in the spring in Northern Cali­fornia. On the sides of roads, in the cracks of side­walks, between the rows of vines, clutched between your teeth. Roses are in full blush, patches of wild poppies duti­fully perform their open-close routines with the rising and setting of the sun and the slutty manzanita bushes expose their sticky stamen to hordes of humming­birds. […]

Something Borrowed: Howard Backen’s French Blue Takes Shape

French Blue

The construction site in St. Helena, which come May 29th will boast Napa’s latest dining desti­nation French Blue, is abuzz (literally) with saws and workmen fitting things, and amid the clatter, Howard Backen is ener­getic, but perfunctory when explaining where this will hang and that will go with a flutter of his fingers. […]

Inside Goose & Gander: Now Open

The tables are made from reclaimed redwood

Completely reno­vating a beloved local icon can be risky business. Judging from the reac­tions at a preview this weekend, Andy Flor­sheim and the team behind Goose & Gander can breath easy, though. […]

Bar Stars Beattie and Pazdon Bringing Classics, Hand-Cut Ice to Goose & Gander

Super Friends 1973

The old Martini House, empty more than a year now, will roar back to life next week as Andy Florsheim’s Goose & Gander. Flor­sheim has assembled a bar team super­group of sorts (we are thinking more Super Friends or maybe the powers of Voltron uniting than Velvet Revolver, but you be the judge). […]

Chasing Sheep At a Biodynamic Vineyard in Napa Valley

It’s probably true what they say: Chasing sheep is indeed best left to shep­herds. You can see from the above that we had some trouble chasing the sheep at Joseph Phelps Vine­yards — those fur balls can haul ass over the rows when they want, eh? […]

Brassica’s Wine Program Actually Interesting (But, Oh That Gingham)

Straight Outta Cabot: Brassica Dining Room

Cindy Pawlcyn’s recent attempt to rein­vig­orate the former Go Fish space by replacing light fixtures, ditching the table cloths and exchanging the epic seafood-centric menu for a more manageable variety of Mediter­ranean small plates is largely a failure. […]

Through A City Darkly

Artist Jeremy Mann

Artist Jeremy Mann’s Urban Realism at The Christopher Hill Gallery

Perched above St. Helena’s quaint Main Street, The Christopher Hill Gallery has, for ten years, served as an oasis. For urban expats craving contem­porary, inter­na­tional art and intel­ligent conver­sation, Hill’s gallery on the second floor (above a shop that somewhat inex­plicably sells exclu­sively Kokopelli jewelry) provides a much-needed break from wine country kitsch. […]

More Goose & Gander Details

More details on Goose & Gander,  the highly antic­i­pated restaurant filling the Martini House space in Saint Helena have rolled in. And from the sound of things the spot is going to be worth the wait. […]

New Restaurant Flips Martini House


What’s Good for the goose is good for the Gander — or in this case, what was good for The Martini House is good for the Goose & Gander.

When the much-loved Martini House in Saint Helena closed in late fall of 2010, many up-valley locals attempted to drown them­selves in the river. […]

Bud Breaking News: #notspringyet

They may have Punx­sutawney Phil on the East Coast to let them know there’ll be six more weeks of winter, but here in Northern Cali­fornia we have Cathy Corison’s Twitter to set us straight: […]

Breakfast is Served: Gott’s Fills Napa Niche


Napa is a breakfast hinterland. You can easily find yourself crawling through the valley, literally tripping over tasting rooms serving wine at 10 a.m., but if you want a decent egg sandwich, you are out of luck (and we stress decent — sorry Model Bakery). […]