Harvest 2012 Begins With a Bang

Mumm staffers celebrating the first grape harvest or 2012

On Friday, Aug 10 at 11 a.m., a rubber-boot-clad army of eager employees gathered on the crush pad of Mumm in Napa Valley to welcome the arrival of the first grapes of 2012: pinot noir from the Gamefarm Vineyard in Yountville. […]

Fresh Lavender-Infused No. 209 Gin Cocktail

The Honey Bee's Knees

This week we are cele­brating our good friend and devoted polli­nator, the honey bee. If it weren’t for her hard work and dedi­cation, this cocktail, made with fresh lavender, wouldn’t be possible. […]

Tacos Garcia Truck Rolls Back to Yountville

Tacos Garcia fence at Pancha's

Rejoice people of Yountville. The Tacos Garcia truck usually stationed outside Pancha’s on Wash­ington Street in Yountville is back. The truck had been missing since a horrific fire tore through a shopping center in Napa and destroyed its parent restaurant. […]

Between the Sheets at The French Laundry


The clock above the kitchen door reads 10:30 a.m. The first wave of prep cooks — which have been here for more than five hours — are moving in accor­dance with Chef Thomas Keller’s simple reminder placard beneath the second-keeping clock: “A Sense of Urgency,” it reads. […]

Cherries (And Gin and Absinthe) Jubilee: Toasting the Launch of TTG

Vincent Lee at the bar

Tasked with creating a special Distillery No. 209 cocktail for the Table To Grave launch party at Lucy Restaurant & Bar at Bardessono, barman Vincent Lee went all out. Taking into account both cherry season and perhaps our color scheme, Lee created a pink frothy libation using fresh cherry juice and an egg white. […]

Fired Up: Ciccio’s Quest For The Perfect Pizza Crust

The wood-burning oven at Ciccio in Yountville

I’m so over food that needs a pedigree. We’re just going to cook,” says Polly Lappe­titio, the Chef at Frank Altamura’s (of Altamura Winery) soon-to-open pizzeria, Ciccio, in Yountville. […]

Guide to the Bathrooms of Yountville

If there is one thing that Yountville has more of than Michelin stars, Thomas Keller restau­rants, and faux-Tuscan archi­tecture — it is public restrooms. In fact, Yountville leads the world in public restrooms per capita. […]

Sharp Shooter: Girls, Guns and the Semiotics of Gender

Alexandra and Truett

When I reached photog­rapher Lindsay MCrum on the phone at her hotel room so we could have a conver­sation about her book Chicks With Guns she quipped, “I’m what you’d call a moving target these days.” Now, I don’t think she meant this as a specific self-referential gun metaphor neces­sarily, but it does speak to the wide array of inter­pre­ta­tions the book is open to and goes to show how ingrained guns are into our cultural iconog­raphy. […]

Farmers Market: Ciccio Bringing Fresh, Ingredient-Driven Italian To Yountville


Frank Altamura grew up frequenting the little Italian grocery in Yountville on Wash­ington Street. Since those days, a lot has changed. All around the diminutive free-standing wooden building with the distinctive facade, the machi­na­tions of wine country boom and celebrity chef super­stardom have prolif­erated, turning the sleepy town into some­thing else. […]

Check Out Coffee Caboose in Yountville’s New Crepe Menu

Hungry java junkies, wasted winos and famished Fran­cophiles now have a new options amid Yountville’s scant but growing choices for a quick bite. Coffee Caboose, the coffee stand across from Bouchon houses in an old train car, has been serving up crepes both sweet savory for the past week. […]

Why Thomas Keller Can Shill For American Express And It Not Be Bullshit

It’s easy to be cynical about Chef Thomas Keller getting all weepy and nostalgic for Yountville and his bay laurel tree while hawking for American Express, as he did in the above ad that aired during the Oscars last night. […]

Lucy’s Lift: Bardessono’s Restaurant Gets Much More Than a Nip-n-Tuck

Lucy Table

Let’s face it. No one wants to eat in a hotel. Hotel restau­rants far too often feel like an extension of the lobby — and anything that feels even remotely lobby-like is not exactly appetite inducing. […]

Breaking Bread: Bouchon Bakery Grand Reopens

Chef Thomas Keller at the grand re-opening of Bouchon Bakery in Yountville by Table To Grave.

They say man cannot live on bread alone. And that’s true even if the bread is from Bouchon and if by bread you also mean insanely rich pastries in addition to your baguettes and batards. […]