Looking back at the 2012 grape-growing season

The 2012 growing season in the North Coast was, in many respects, nearly perfect. Shot in vine­yards across Napa Valley, Lake County, Mendocino, and Sonoma County, this is what it looked like.

After a dry winter, much welcome spring rains satu­rated the soil and filled reser­voirs. The primordial clusters that were nestled in so many buds in so many valleys and across so many hill­sides bloomed and set generous amounts of fruit as the skies cleared for what would be a long and ideal growing season. After two chal­lenging years, growers were thrilled and hesi­tated to drop fruit even as it seemed as though there would be more grapes than we knew what do with. That turned out to be the case. As harvest began in September and continued through October, fermen­tation tanks over­flowed and growers hustled to find homes for tons of grapes. It was a joyous year; a year of plenty, the year of the grower.

Both vines and farmers went dormant for the winter. Then it all began again.

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