Looking Up is Overrated: the #365underfoot project

In 2013, look ahead and #lookdown

When our dear friend and official pizza correspondent moved from NYC to Miami, we were devastated. (There is no pizza worth speaking of in Florida.) But Ms. Kelly Samardak, like many other displaced New Yorkers, discovered that sometimes you must leave The Greatest City in the World to realize your own dreams. Swamp monsters and skeeters be damned.

Samardak, a tiny person who once rescued this author from the grips of the Grand Central Station prison (there is one, trust me) is a professional photographer and a bit of a guru when it comes to connecting the world via the interweb. As such, she has launched a project called 365 Underfoot and is inviting all photographers, creatives and people with legs, wooden or otherwise, to participate. All you have to do is take a picture every day in 2013 of what is under your foot.

As Samardak explains:

Since moving to Miami, I became aware of watching my step. Is that a snake? Can alligators climb trees? Did I just squash a gecko?  Why is that homeless man in the suburbs? Because I’m a starving “artist” I walk a lot if I get antsy since I can’t afford to self medicate they way I want to. And I thought about how primitive walking is. Walking is the shit! Rushing, running, strolling, skipping, as long as we have the limbs (artificial or otherwise) to do it, we’re doing it. What’s down there? What’s under our feet? What would our feet see? What’s under your foot?

If you were looking for a compelling reason to get through the year and haven’t found one yet, we feel that this could be it. To participate, simply tag #365underfoot on Instagram or Twitter or #lookdown on Tumblr. The “365” is representative of the number of the days in the Western calendar year. This means that participants should post at least one Underfoot photo per day. Samardak will be curating (as in posting her favorite photos) the collection at 365underfoot.wordpress.com and on Tumbler at 365underfoot.tumblr.com.

See how it all works and sign up “officially” here.

Here’s to a year of looking down.