More Goose & Gander Details

More details on Goose & Gander,  the highly anticipated restaurant filling the Martini House space in Saint Helena have rolled in. And from the sound of things the spot is going to be worth the wait. And a hearty affair.

For starters, literally, you’ve got Chef Kelly McCown’s housemade charcuterie to whet your appetite for menu anchors like The G&G Burger with Duck Fries (far too few chefs exalt the mighty rendered fat of the duck, in our opinion) and River Stone Pressed Chicken (no mere bricks will do for this rustic crew). The apps and small bites will range from $2 to $6; small plates from $8 to $18; and entrees and large plates will be $14 to $26.

Joining Chef McCown (who should be at home in the kitchen as he was chef de cuisine at Martini House years ago before moving on to run kitchens elsewhere) at Andrew Florsheim’s lush lair,  Scott Beattie will create the cocktails (Beattie is a fellow Martini House alum who went on to run Spoonbar and, well, just about every cocktail program everywhere). Now, it’s practically a county statute in Napa and Sonoma that you need Beattie’s input when creating a drink list, but in this case, Beattie will actually be manning the downstairs bar himself and managing the program.

Construction on the interior and exterior of the building are in full swing, restoring the 90-year-old 4,282-square-foot craftsman-style bungalow to its original grandeur. Regulars at the Martini House may remember going through the side door, but crews are working now to return the stately entrance of G&G manor to form, with an iron gate and flagstone path past 100-year-cedars leading to a dignified staircase and doors befitting the new cozy but regal hunting lodge type feel of the place. But the rock piles and two by-fours will be gone by the end of April when Goose & Gander is scheduled to open those front doors.

Inside, the fully redesigned main dining room will seat 65 and be furnished with leather banquettes and tables made of reclaimed redwood. Downstairs, in Beattie’s domain, the basement will seat 32. The bar, which Florsheim calls “the best in California,” will remain unchanged.

Outside, a garden area designed by St. Helena-based landscape architect Jonathan Plant will seat 66 al fresco diners around the property’s original koi pond.