Nothing Says I Love You Like Chocolate-Flavored Tequila

Two very different cocktails for Valentine's Day

For Valentine’s Day, Patrón sent us a heart-shaped box of chocolate flavored tequila.  The tequila maker is selling their XO Cafe Dark Cocoa Coffee Liqueur (yes, it actually tastes of all those things — tequila, chocolate and coffee — but not in a bad way necessarily) in heart-shaped boxes for the holiday. It’s way better than a box of chocolates, especially if you use it to make one of our original creations.

Patron Fat ShiksaThe Fat Shiksa

Why is she fat? Because she ate all the Hanukkah gilt. 


1 1/2 oz. dark rum
3/4 oz. Patrón XO Cafe Dark Cocoa Coffee Liqueur
dash of bitters
Hunk of orange rind for garnish and, of course, leftover Hanukkah gilt


Combine all the ingredients in a tumbler with a large ice cube. Squeeze the hunk of orange rind before garnishing it. Serve with a piece or two or three or ten of Hanukkah gilt.

patronsharkattackTwo-headed Shark Attack

Named after the movie of the same name (it’s criminal that this master work of cinema did not yet have its own libation — we’ve righted that wrong), this cocktail is inspired by spring break. It’s sweet and boozy and smells faintly of suntan oil thanks to the good people at Skyy.


1 oz. Patrón XO Cafe Dark Cocoa Coffee Liqueur
1 oz. Skyy infusions, Coconut
1 oz. whole milk
Trader Joe’s Sugar, Chocolate & Coffee Bean Grinder for garnish


Combine all the ingredients in a shaker and shake until frothy. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a grind of  Trader Joe’s Sugar, Chocolate & Coffee Bean.

Enjoy sipping while watching one of the finest shark movies Brooke Hogan, Carmen Elektra and Charlie O’Connell (for when you can’t even get Jerry) are ever likely to make.