Hubble primordial clusters courtesy NASA

Primordial Clusters, From Galaxies to Grapevines

In January, 2012 NASA researchers made a very important discovery. The furthest proto­cluster of galaxies ever seen. Thirteen billion light years from Earth, scien­tists, with the help of a little guy named Hubble, saw a cluster of five galaxies just beginning to form. […]

Rudy Mihal

Rudy Brings Right Touch to Sonoma

Restaurant Rudy might just be the best little restaurant in the heart of Wine Country you never heard of. Rudy Mihal, who left Spoonbar last year to start his own place, opened the new spot quietly this fall in Sonoma, in an unas­suming space that has been a revolving door with three restau­rants in a row crashing and burning in the space since Carlo Cavallo moved his Meritage down the street. […]

What's in season; Oct'10 - Persimmons - FS=Kevin Crafts

Persimmon salad with dates, cashews, and honey

Western persimmons were intro­duced to Cali­fornia from Japan (by way of Commodore Matthew Perry) in the 1870s. Tomato-shaped Fuyu persimmons, eaten when firm, ripen just in time for a bright autumnal orange salad. […]

mouette a trois

A Holiday Beer in a Post-Holiday World

Now,” writes John Waters in an essay published in The Dreaded Feast (an excellent anthology of holiday writing that’s currently on post-Kringle markdown at any number of fine retailers) “is the time for suicide if you are so inclined.” He is referring of course to the post-holiday malaise, when the party invi­ta­tions have stopped flowing, you’re feeling five pounds heavier and you have already broken at least one-third of your New Year’s reso­lu­tions. […]

Stout in a can from Hog Island

Marooned on Hog Island with 21st Amendement and a Bloody Mary

For a few years now, Nico Freccia and Shaun O’Sullivan, co-founders of 21st Amendment Brewery, and Hog Island Oyster Company co-founders John Finger and Terry Sawyer have been coop­er­ating on a combi­nation worthy of Reese’s. […]