How to Make a Classic Pisco Sour

Today is appar­ently national pisco day in Chile, which we thought was, like, everyday in Chile (it may be, since it seems there is also a National Pisco Sour Day in February). […]

Eating Pop Rocks with S.F. Mayor Ed Lee

When the Bay Bridge went ablaze with 25,000 LED lights On March 5, San Francisco’s other bridge became, at 1.8 miles wide and 500 feet high, the world’s largest LED light sculpture. […]

With an Oroblanco Twist

The Oroblanco

The Orob­lanco is a cross between a grape­fruit and a pummelo and grows, to our knowledge, exclu­sively in Cali­fornia. As part of their farmer’s market cocktail series, the good bar folks at Chaya did well to blend it with Distillery No. […]

Nothing Says I Love You Like Chocolate-Flavored Tequila

patron heart-shaped box

For Valentine’s Day, Patrón sent us a heart-shaped box of chocolate flavored tequila.  The tequila maker is selling their XO Cafe Dark Cocoa Coffee Liqueur (yes, it actually tastes of all those things — tequila, chocolate and coffee — but not in a bad way neces­sarily) in heart-shaped boxes for the holiday. […]

Marooned on Hog Island with 21st Amendement and a Bloody Mary

Stout in a can from Hog Island

For a few years now, Nico Freccia and Shaun O’Sullivan, co-founders of 21st Amendment Brewery, and Hog Island Oyster Company co-founders John Finger and Terry Sawyer have been coop­er­ating on a combi­nation worthy of Reese’s. […]

Classic Gin & Tonic from Fagiani’s

There is a classic style of gin known as “London Dry,” which is best cate­go­rized by famous household names such as Tanqueray, Gordon’s and Beefeater. The name, however, refers to the style of gin, since a London dry gin doesn’t actually have to be produced in London (iron­i­cally enough). […]

The Blue Marie, a Bloody Mary with a French Accent

French Blue patio

Three sweet little words: Now serving brunch. Few phrases bring more joy to our hearts here at TTG HQ in the brunch hinter­lands of Napa. What was once a desert, devoid of bene­dicts and bloodies, has been shaping up of late. […]

An Explosive Drink Recipe from Tales of the Cocktail


Unless you are holed up some­where with a Clockwork Orange–esque eye-lid-opening contraption affixed to your face attempting to take in every possible minute of live-streaming Olympics broadcast you are probably aware of an arguably more pertinent Olympic-size event going on this weekend in New Orleans: the annual beverage industry gath­ering known as Tales of the Cocktail. […]

Fresh Lavender-Infused No. 209 Gin Cocktail

The Honey Bee's Knees

This week we are cele­brating our good friend and devoted polli­nator, the honey bee. If it weren’t for her hard work and dedi­cation, this cocktail, made with fresh lavender, wouldn’t be possible. […]

Cherries (And Gin and Absinthe) Jubilee: Toasting the Launch of TTG

Vincent Lee at the bar

Tasked with creating a special Distillery No. 209 cocktail for the Table To Grave launch party at Lucy Restaurant & Bar at Bardessono, barman Vincent Lee went all out. Taking into account both cherry season and perhaps our color scheme, Lee created a pink frothy libation using fresh cherry juice and an egg white. […]

Dita Von Teese Delivers a Spicy Smack, Takes Her Margarita on the Rocks

Dita Von Teese Cointreau MargaDita

Life is too short to have badly-made cock­tails.” You know her as a burlesque legend and retro hollywood glam gal, but who knew that Dita Von Teese was also a fountain of such cock­tilian wisdom? […]

Toasting Mother Earth With Infused Organic Vodka


Solage Calistoga really knows how to cele­brate Earth Day, in addition to a fat donation to the Napa Valley Vine Trail and planting a tree for every Facebook fan, the resort’s SolBar has dedi­cated a special cocktail featuring all organic ingre­dients, called Toast to Gaia and created by somm Bradley Wasserman, which will be served throughout the month. […]

Saké Joins Mixology Madness

SakéOne's The Grove

When we received an unso­licited case of saké at HQ this week, we were thrilled! Who wouldn’t be? Saké is so often over­looked, even though it so often just exactly the right thing. […]