Stranger than Fiction

April Fool's Day would seem to be 365 days a year

Yesterday we posted four stories that, in light of some other stories we wrote the previous week, were really just slightly too outrageous to be true. And then, some not even that outrageous. A guest writer, who remained anonymous, pitched in, and we came up with an April Fool’s frontpage that just stretched the bounds of credulity. But, in some cases, even less than we thought.

Of the stories on the frontpage of TTG on April 1 , only four are wholly made up:

Putting the Swine in Wine: Making Bacon Cabernet
Putting bacon in the barrels added that smokey flavor a winemaker was looking for.

Kellogg’s to Enter Flavored Vodka Market
Pop-Tart flavored vodka turned out to be far less of a stretch than our guest writer thought.

Parker Taps Heimoff as Next Cali-Critic
Our guest critic envisioned a world in which the 100-point system was deadly serious.

Man Sues Parker for ‘Life Wasted’ Drinking ‘Over-Priced Wine’
Finally, one Texas man calls out Parker ruining his life.

Author of ‘American Wine’ Does’t Know Much About American Wine
This is, sadly, 100-percent true and based on our sit-down with Jances Robinson when she was in San Francisco hawking her book “American Wine.”

Sometimes the real joke is on the average wine drinker.