The Thomas Keller Hagiography

If the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival is the culinary equivalent of Coachella, then Thomas Keller is its Radiohead. And this year the chef served as something of a headliner, complete with a gauzy tribute video that played at the festival, and, at nearly 17 minutes long, serves as something of a fawning mini-biopic. [...]

Breaking Bread: Bouchon Bakery Grand Reopens

Chef Thomas Keller at the grand re-opening of Bouchon Bakery in Yountville by Table To Grave.

They say man cannot live on bread alone. And that’s true even if the bread is from Bouchon and if by bread you also mean insanely rich pastries in addition to your baguettes and batards. Luckily Chef Thomas Keller’s bakery long ago added sandwiches and lunch snacks to its repertoire. Much of the Napa Valley [...]