Farmers Market: Ciccio Bringing Fresh, Ingredient-Driven Italian To Yountville


Frank Altamura grew up frequenting the little Italian grocery in Yountville on Washington Street. Since those days, a lot has changed. All around the diminutive free-standing wooden building with the distinctive facade, the machinations of wine country boom and celebrity chef superstardom have proliferated, turning the sleepy town into something else. And though the building [...]

Breakfast is Served: Gott’s Fills Napa Niche


Napa is a breakfast hinterland. You can easily find yourself crawling through the valley, literally tripping over tasting rooms serving wine at 10 a.m., but if you want a decent egg sandwich, you are out of luck (and we stress decent — sorry Model Bakery). But Gott’s Roadside has come to the rescue. Centrally located [...]