Napa Bike Fest’s High Wire Act

The BMX ariel show at Napa Bike Fest

The organizers of the first Napa Bike Fest, held this past Saturday, had a difficult balancing act to pull off (as does the Napa Bike Coalition): Advocate for the needs and safety of cyclists without alienating automobile drivers. Northern California is a community of drivers. Speeding, swerving, steering-with-their-knees-while-texting drivers. We live in our cars. We [...]

Solage Paves The Way For Bike Trail

Any cyclist who’s ever been buzzed by a truck while riding in the “bike lane” on Route 29 can appreciate Solage Calistoga’s $16,000 donation to the Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition. But the donation should also pay off for the tourists who visit the valley and rent bikes from one of the local shops or [...]