How To Make Pizza From Scratch (Yes, Even The Dough)

Ca'Momi pizza dough

“Set in a warm place to rise for 6-8 hours” is not a phrase from my new book “50 Shades of Yeast.” No, it is the most potentially derailing detail in the process of making dough at home for a delicious no-one-else’s-mouth-noises-must-be-heard pizza dinner in your own sanctuary. True, waiting 6-8 hours to even begin [...]

Deep Fry My Disappointment And Call It Forcella


I was ready to be blown away. I grabbed a wad of fried dough with my fingertips, twisted, and yanked the fluffy softness from the pie. It was delicious, soft, chewy. Unfortunately so was the entire crust.

Fired Up: Ciccio’s Quest For The Perfect Pizza Crust

The wood-burning oven at Ciccio in Yountville

“I’m so over food that needs a pedigree. We’re just going to cook,” says Polly Lappetitio, the Chef at Frank Altamura’s (of Altamura Winery) soon-to-open pizzeria, Ciccio, in Yountville. Having spent 13 years at the Culinary Institute of America’s Greystone restaurant (the last five as Executive Chef) we can understand her need to simplify. For [...]

Does Piaci Make the North Coast’s Best Pizza?


Among the long line of P-words in which one can indulge while on the North Coast, “pizza” might not be the first to pop up. Sure there are fields of pennyroyal surrounding rows of pinot and pockets of pot plants. In Fort Bragg you’ll also find pilsner-a-plenty at the North Coast Brewing Co., (whose Scrimshaw [...]

Pizza without emotion is like childbirth without hemorroids

Luigi's pizza

If you do not emote when you consume pizza, you are doing it wrong. Pizza has long been an emotional experience for me. I mean, shoot, remember completing your entire “BookIt!” readings  to then reap the lucrative prize of a fancy dinner at Pizza Hut? Pizza was and always will be the ultimate reward. Pizza [...]

The Basest of Baselines: Pizza Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry

MMmmm, DiGiorno

I have long been a pizza addict. It has gotten so bad that at one point I could be found drooling over a pepperoni pizza Lean Pocket, fake cheese guilt dripping from the corner of my mouth. I live in the pizza capital of the country, so you would think I wouldn’t have to resort [...]