Red Hook Resilience


Amongst the devastation Sandy left in its wake after battering the Atlantic coast was a portion of Red Hook Winery’s 2012 vintage, much of it fermenting in open-top containers when the winds and rains breached the winery’s waterfront facing doors and water came flooding in. The first impression from the Red Hook team was not [...]

A Brief and Miraculous Moment

A Beach in Indonesia. Photo by Spencer Humiston

On the Indonesian island of Bali in SouthEast Asia, there is a brief but miraculous moment that occurs at the end of each day. Just as the sun begins to set below the horizon but before it gets dark, the tide recedes and miles of sand between the sea and the land, wet and perfectly [...]

A Winemaker’s Inquiry Into ‘Winemaker Dinners’

I must be candid: I hate “winemaker dinners.” Most such events are marketing dinosaurs, lumbering arthritically across a sad and faded landscape. I have been pressed to do them for years, and I have rarely enjoyed them. And when I have, it was never because of some alleged “synergy” between the wine and the food, [...]

Orange Wines Explained (In a Comic)


Orange wines are not the easiest to wrap your head around, and misinformation abounds. We’ve even heard the ill-informed speculate that the wines came from mystical pinkish-orange grapes. While this isn’t true, there is a fair amount of magic involved. Wine lover and illustrator Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka has been producing a series of comics exploring [...]

Somms in the City


San Francisco Sommeliers Settle the Score with Robert Parker

Wine Country Represents: James Beard Semifinalists Announced

More thrilling than the Oscar and the Grammy awards combined (for us, at least), the annual James Beard Foundation Awards recognizes some of the best, most interesting and most dedicated professionals in the food and wine world. And while not surprising, given the number of restaurants and producers in this area, we were excited to [...]