A Totally Honest Guide to Wine Industry Titles


American journalist, critic, author and longtime San Francisco newspaper columnist Ambrose Bierce began The Devil’s Dictionary — a collection of satiric definitions for common words — as a series in a local newspaper in 1881. The biting definitions spared no one, with the author casting a cynical eye on all that crossed his path. In a foreword to [...]

Brassica’s Wine Program Actually Interesting (But, Oh That Gingham)

Straight Outta Cabot: Brassica Dining Room

Cindy Pawlcyn’s recent attempt to reinvigorate the former Go Fish space by replacing light fixtures, ditching the table cloths and exchanging the epic seafood-centric menu for a more manageable variety of Mediterranean small plates is largely a failure. Renamed Brassica, the restaurant still feels awkwardly large and like a dated take on farmhouse chic. And [...]

Somms in the City


San Francisco Sommeliers Settle the Score with Robert Parker