Corona Extra vs. Corona Familiar: Is There a Difference?

Some people prefer the taste of Corona Familiar to Corona Extra, claiming it has a fuller, more robust flavor. We put them to the test in a tasting showdown: In one corner we have Corona Extra, which is the No. 1 selling beer in Mexico and has long been an imported favorite in the U.S, in the clear bottle with the white label. And in the other corner we have Corona Familiar in the 32-oz. brown bottle, which has limited distribution in the States, but has long been popular in California. In Napa it can be found at many markets and behind the bar at La Condessa restaurant in St. Helena.

While Corona Extra may be Mexico’s top-seller, Corona Familiar, in its classic squat brown bottle, is the near embodiment of Mexican beer culture. The bottle is labeled “Familiar,” Spanish for family, and speaks to the bottle’s place at the dinner table — at the center and intended to be shared. Crown Imports, a collaboration between Grupo Modelo and Constellation Brands is experimenting with more wide-spread distribution of the Corona Familiar packaging in the U.S. We tested the products to see how much difference, if any, there is in the import versions.

Tasting these beers in the video above is Courtney Humiston, certified sommelier and Beverage Director for Table To Grave.


Video Hecho en Napa Valley by Table To Grave