Kosher for Passover Liquor To Get You Through

Because man cannot live on Manischewitz alone, No. 209, which has been making gin on Pier 50 in San Francisco since 1999, released its first vodka this month — just in time for Passover. Because “leavened,” including fermented, grains are forbidden during the eight-day festival, which celebrates the Israelites emancipation from Egypt, spirits that are [...]


Juicy Details: Oxbow’s New Juice Bar

You already know you can get farm-fresh local produce (and usually ferret out some interesting heirloom or uncommon varietals) at Oxbow Produce & Grocery in the Oxbow Public Market, but starting today you can also get fresh juice made from those self-same fruits and vegetables. Today the Oxbow Produce unveiled Juicy, its new juice and (soon) [...]


Dark Shadows: Uncovering Black IPA

You can’t always trust your eyes. Creative chefs and modernist mixologists know this. And now so too do brave brewmasters. When Bryan Hermannsson and Patrick Horn moved their home-brewing operation to a garage in an industrial area of San Francisco, they knew they would be experimenting, which is why they chose to call their company [...]


Pruning Old-Vine Sauvignon Blanc

Pruning old-vine sauvignon blanc vines can be a dizzying experience. The above pictured vines are in a valley floor vineyard in Napa.


Liquid Assets: Premiere Napa Valley Makes Bank

Last week, Premiere Napa Valley, an annual week-long event that attracts retailers, restaurants, distributors, importers and media to the Valley, and culminates in an auction of wines blended especially for the occasion (think the Hospices de Beaune) raised a whopping $3.1 million dollars. The money is “for charity.” The specific charity, in this case, is [...]

Bud Breaking News: #notspringyet

They may have Punxsutawney Phil on the East Coast to let them know there’ll be six more weeks of winter, but here in Northern California we have Cathy Corison’s Twitter to set us straight:


Orange Wines Explained (In a Comic)

Orange wines are not the easiest to wrap your head around, and misinformation abounds. We’ve even heard the ill-informed speculate that the wines came from mystical pinkish-orange grapes. While this isn’t true, there is a fair amount of magic involved. Wine lover and illustrator Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka has been producing a series of comics exploring [...]


Somms in the City

San Francisco Sommeliers Settle the Score with Robert Parker


Drinking: An Absurd Solution to the Absurdity of Life

“This is an absurdly complicated world,” writes Daniel Handler in the introduction to “The Hour,” Bernard DeVoto’s essential 1948 book on cocktails. “Drinking, like existence, is an endless muddle, one of the slipperiest boulders in life’s daunting stream — we cling to it for support but end up even wetter than when we started.” DeVoto [...]