BottleRock Napa

BottleRock Blasts Napa Valley

In its wake, BottleRock, which rolled through Napa May 9–12, and was an unheralded success, has left little doubt that that Valley could play host to festival of this size. Though that hasn’t stopped a few local denizens from carping about traffic (which was startlingly light), VINE bus delays (which were about what they normally [...]

Perry Farrell

The Good, The Bad Religion and the BottleRock

This weekend — and this may be difficult for the Napa Vintners to reconcile — more people descended on Napa Valley than ever before. And — this may be harder still for the Auction’s organizers to reconcile — they likely spent more than any other group that ever came before them. And they spent it [...]

BottleRock Napa billboard

Is this BottleRock Napa billboard pointing the wrong way?

Driving on Highway 12 southeast toward Napa from Sonoma we happened to pass a crew pasting up this sign. By all outward appearances another of the billboards directing people toward the big BottleRock Napa music, food and wine festival scheduled for May 9 to 12 in Napa. We asked BottleRock if this was theirs and [...]

Tour Bus Hits Gun Bun, Dinosaur Jr. Get Out

The 2013 concert series at Gundlach Bundschu got off to a fuzzy feedback-filled start Friday night when ’90s rock royalty Dinosaur Jr. played the intimate Old Redwood Barn in Sonoma. DJ stopped in Sonoma on their way out the music-festival-cum-desert bikini beach party that is Coachella. This show was a warm-up for the big fourth [...]

MCA’s Recipe for Pasta with Pesto

“I’ll be in the paper/ The news with Ernie Anastos/ They’ll even print my recipe for pasta with pesto.” Here is, in accordance with what we think his dying wishes might well have been, MCA’s recipe for pasta with pesto (as printed in Grand Royal magazine and via Food in My Beard). Our guest chef [...]


Inspired, Innovative Alternatives to Outdated Ice-and-Glass Service

When a guy walked into a bar which we were tending not that long ago and asked us if we would consider serving white wine with a chilled plastic insert known as the Corkcicle, we laughed at him. (No, we really did. It was kind of mean, actually.) But now, the Corkcicle is everywhere, so [...]

Jerry Brown über alles

California Über Alles Redux

When the Dead Kennedys wrote, recorded and released the single “California Über Alles,” a nasty litte ditty about hippies’ more fascist  tendencies (and the irrational fear of the same), Jerry Brown was governor. And when singer-songwriter Richard McGraw released his cover version (a B-side from his excellent album Popular Music) earlier this month Jerry Brown, of course, sat once [...]

Playlist: Bud Breaking Beats

The buds are breaking throughout the region and we hope to encourage them a stomping, charging, barrage of drums, breakbeats and rhythms — from quiet tapping to all out cacophony. We start out with what, in our minds at least, is one of the great drum intros of all time. The wild thumping of Van [...]


Playlist: Hazy Shade of Winter

Perhaps no song better sums up the long cold and rainy season in vinlandia than “Hazy Shade of Winter.” We’ve been lucky (or unlucky, depending on whether or not you are a vineyard manager) to have a surprisingly mild winter this year. But this week warm and sunny days gave way to our more typical [...]

Living to Eat

When we decided on the name Table To Grave we had in mind a lifestyle site built around food and drink. So what does that mean? Well, we don’t go to the farmer’s market once a week and the rest of the time pick up groceries at Target. It means that all this talk of [...]

The Difference Between ‘Lifestyle’ And Living

For anyone who ever wondered, ‘What kind of dining set defines me as a person?’