Inspired, Innovative Alternatives to Outdated Ice-and-Glass Service

When a guy walked into a bar which we were tending not that long ago and asked us if we would consider serving white wine with a chilled plastic insert known as the Corkcicle, we laughed at him. (No, we really did. It was kind of mean, actually.) But now, the Corkcicle is everywhere, so the joke is apparently on us.

Then, this was brought to our attention: LiteCubes. I realize that many of you crazy kids are like oh yeah, whatever, I saw those at The Pink Elephant like six years ago, but why haven’t they made their way into classy cocktail joints? Why, pray tell, have we been stuck with stupid, messy ice cubes that don’t do anything but melt. I mean, really. Frozen water? That doesn’t light up or flash in time to Skrillex beats or anything.

I’m sorry, but LiteCubes are awesome. The same forward-thinking company also just released a new product to the market that, if you are, say, planning a wedding in New Jersey or going to a Lita Ford tribute concert, you may just be interested in. The LiteRay, as these innovations in drinking are called, attach to the bottom of just about any glass and project light and words of your choosing onto the surrounding surfaces.

Now hang on because it gets even better. When you set the glass down, it changes the color of the projection. We know. It’s mind-blowing. Drinking is never going to be the same. Ice+glass= BORING. If there is one thing we have learned from Sandra Lee, it is that decorative glassware is way more important than the quality of the drink it contains. Can you imagine how great her snowflake-inspired blue cognac liqueur (what the hell is blue cognac liqueur, by the way), vodka and cointreau libation/abomination would look in a glass that projects spiraling rays of psychedelic light? Even better, how amazing would one of these look on her cocktail Christmas tree?

And because there are no words, here’s a video: