Living to Eat

When we decided on the name Table To Grave we had in mind a lifestyle site built around food and drink. So what does that mean?

Well, we don’t go to the farmer’s market once a week and the rest of the time pick up groceries at Target.

It means that all this talk of farm-to-table this and artisanal that can sometimes miss the point. Or at least lead to forgetfulness about what happens after the food gets from the farm to the table. The food’s important. And where it somes from is important. But so are you.

We thought the world demanded an ethos that went beyond the food getting to the table. What about the journey we take through life? Life happens around tables — at restaurants, at special events, at dinner at home every night, in picnic areas under mossy trees. The table is a constant throughout our lives.

In this section you can expect to find all sorts of content about, as the name suggests, the things that you are going to eat that are on the table.

We’re based in, arguably, the culinary capital of the country. And while some of the issues we write about may seem provincial, we think there’ll be a little something for everyone.

You can expect to find a regular stream of dining news and restaurant views from the Napa Valley and Sonoma and beyond, recipes and cooking tips, and stories about the people who grow and prepare our food. The aim is to provide an experience somewhere between a really satisfying issue of Gourmet and Fugazi circa Repeater. But you know, without all the self-important vegan posturing or Ruth Reichl haiku.