Mad Men Viewing Party Cocktail List

At least as enjoyable as the more soap operatic aspects of Mad Men is just the pure simple joy of the cocktail culture as depicted in the world of the show. Count us in on any vision that includes cans of beer and bottles of bourbon as office supplies. To help you usher in the new (and next to last) season of the acclaimed show in style we present with our Mad Men viewing party cocktail list.

Enjoy sipping them while listening to our Mad Men themed playlist, or watching the season premiere on Sunday.

The Bloody Mary
Remember the episode in Season Two when the daughter makes Don a Bloody Mary? A great use for children, we must say, but dear god, that drink! Her recipe went something like this: ice, tomato juice, pour in vodka until glass is full, hand to Daddy. Someone teach that poor child how to make a cocktail. Here you are, child.

Combine in a shaker:
A few dashes of:
Celery salt
Sea salt
Freshly cracked black pepper
Paprika (if you have it)
Hot sauce to taste
Worcestershire sauce
1/2 teaspoon horseradish (freshly shaved if possible)
1 oz lemon juice
3 oz of vodka

Fill with ice and roll back and forth between your shakers (but don’t shake it!)

Pour into a highball and garnish with whatever you have in the refrigerator: Celery, anything pickled, olives, sprig of thyme, mustard green etc.

The Martini
From what we can tell, serious drinkers had not completely weened themselves off dry vermouth in the 60′s, and gin was likely still the go-to. Thus, what we believe to be a pretty standard martini:

1/2 oz French, or dry, vermouth
2/1 oz London Dry-style gin

Fill the shaker half full with ice and stir until well chilled (48-72 rotations)
Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with two chilled green olives

Does he not look just like Ken Cosgrove?

The Drambuie Sidecar
Drambuie brand ambassador, Anthony Caporale has just the thing. His own twist on the Sidecar featuring the equally nostalgic addition  of Drambuie to arrive at … something new.

In a mixing tin half-filled with ice, add:
3 parts Drambuie
1 part triple sec
Juice of 1/2 Lemon Shake until the tin is frosted. Strain into a martini cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

As long as we’re on the subject of Drambuie, it doesn’t get much easier or classic than a good old Rusty Nail. The boys clearly drink a lot of whiskey at the office — to either celebrate a new account or bemoan the loss of one (and really for any reason whatsoever). If whiskey neat is the daytime regimen, what does the end of the day call for? The Rusty Nail, a two ingredient cocktail (Scotch and Drambuie) is a classic. And in the real world the 200-year-old spirit seems to be making a come back.

Just like daytime drinking.

Top image courtesy AMC. Drambuie ad courtesy Drambuie US.