Robert M. Parker, Jr.

Man Sues Parker for Life ‘Wasted’ Drinking ‘Overpriced’ Wine

Discovers 100-point-system is flawed, based on one man's opinion

A man from Texas is suing Robert M. Parker, Jr. the founder and former owner of The Wine Advocate for what he is calling a “lifetime wasted drinking profoundly expensive wine I don’t even like.” The man said he trusted Parker “to choose the best wines” and was willing to pay what he now realizes are exorbitant prices.

His realization came when he was given a glass of red wine at a dinner party that, he later found out, Parker rated a 70. “It was unlike anything I had ever tasted before. Hardly ‘innocuous.’ It smelled like so many things… not just blackberries and vanilla which is what I thought good red wine tasted like.” The man was also excited to discover that he could drink it with food. “And I don’t just mean a ribeye…. Other things too. Maybe even vegetables if you are into that.” The wine retails for $28 a bottle— significantly less than the $150 he has become accustomed to paying.

It turns out that Parker is just one person and, what I have come to learn is just his opinion, of the wine, isn’t necessarily ‘right’ or even the wine I will like the most.”

He says that he plans to start “trying everything and anything” regardless of prices or scores. “There are producers and entire wine regions that Parker doesn’t even taste. Who knows, maybe I will like some of those wines.”

“I trusted Parker to help me find the best wine because he is the expert and all this time he was just telling me about the wines he likes. I mean, who does this guy think he is?”

The man is suing Parker for monetary damage in excess of one million dollars, claiming that Parker’s scores caused prices to “soar” beyond what they were worth because other “suckers” like him thought they needed to buy those wines.

He is also suing for emotional damage: “I’m not a young man,” he says. “When I think of all the years I have wasted drinking wine I don’t even like…it’s just very upsetting.”