Stout in a can from Hog Island

Marooned on Hog Island with 21st Amendement and a Bloody Mary

The latest collaboration between the oyster farmers and the brewers is an adventure story

For a few years now, Nico Freccia and Shaun O’Sullivan, co-founders of 21st Amendment Brewery, and Hog Island Oyster Company co-founders John Finger and Terry Sawyer have been cooperating on a combination worthy of Reese’s. Yes, it appears, sir, you’ve got your oysters in my stout. The latest iteration, brewed with shells from Hog Island sweetwaters is called, appropriately, Marooned on Hog Island, comes in a package that is comes off like a cross-pollination of the Classic Comix adaptation of Treasure Island, The Little Prince and a box of Miller High Life in cans.

The box tells the story of the creation of the collaborative brew. Sort of. In fable form it tells the tall tale of deck hands O’Sullivan and Freccia abandoning ship, tugging a musket, a blade, a cigar cutter, a bottle of cocktail sauce and few casks of the Captains finest dark ale behind them as they plunge into the icy Pacific. Set adrift, they brave sharks and the briny depths, until they finally wash up on the shore of a tiny Island in Tomales Bay and are greeted, of course, by “two weathered locals named John and Terry,” who are in the business of raising sweet, juicy oysters. It’s not long before the mutineers and oyster farmers are roasting pigs, shucking oysters and quaffing stout.

And that’s all in cartoon form on a box tidy enough to hold only four 12-oz cans.

See for yourselves:

Packaging by TBD. Photos by Table to Grave/John Capone.

How’s the beer itself? In a word: bracing. Coffee colored with a creamy head with aromas of chocolate truffles, chicory, cloves and sea air. Creamy but not with a heavy body. Flavors of burnt coffee and sasparilla root are pleasant enough, but the distinct briny finish can be a bit much for some. Especially noticeable after eating the oysters (which, we might not actually recommend despite the temptation to do so).

Now, this stout is a beer for stout-hearted men. Let’s be plain about that. It’s a well-made beer. A good beer. But something that might be best left to small doses. And so we thought we’d try it as a mixer. A bloody mary topped with a little stout is well-known hair-of-the-dog standby. And this beer just begged for the treatment. We upped the topping and made it a part of the drink, and the result was well-balanced and complex, with more depth than your ordinary bloody.

stout hearted bloodyThe Stout-Hearted Bloody


3 oz. vodka
3 oz. tomato juice
dash celery salt
dash fresh ground pepper
dash chile powder
dash of Worcestershire sauce
healthy few shakes of Tabasco
sea salt
Old Bay seasoning
1/2 lemon juiced + wedge for garnish
freshly grated horse radish for garnish
Jalapeno-stuffed olive for garnish
1 can Marooned on Hog Island Oyster Stout


In a Boston shaker combine vodka, tomato juice, spices, Tabasco and lemon juice. Stir well.

Pour Old Bay seasoning and some seas salt in a small dish to cover. Rim a fresh pint glass with lemon wedge and then twirl in the seasoning to rim.

Put four or so large, square ice cubes in pint glass and pour combined vodka, tomato juice and seasoning over ice. Garnish glass with lemon wedge and olive. Pour Marooned on Hog Island Oyster Stout over drink to top (3-4 oz). Sprinkle with horse radish. Serve.