Primordial Clusters, From Galaxies to Grapevines

Hubble primordial clusters courtesy NASA

In January, 2012 NASA researchers made a very important discovery. The furthest protocluster of galaxies ever seen. Thirteen billion light years from Earth, scientists, with the help of a little guy named Hubble, saw a cluster of five galaxies just beginning to form. They referred to the galaxies as primordial clusters and predicted that they [...]

Vineyard Report: Fast-Breaking News Flash Edition

We take you now to Courtney Humiston with another fast-breaking news flash. Courtney is in a vineyard in Napa Valley in the rain — wet, cold and miserable — covering the quickly developing story of buds growing on vines (with all apologies to our favorite little green muppet reporter).

The More Harvests Change

Poor harvests and lower yields have limited the supply of grapes in many regions of Northern California, leading some to fret over pricing and others to get excited about new possibilities. It led us (as things often do) to the words of the charismatic founder of The Wine & Food Society. Commerce is a public service and [...]