Harvest Friuli Style: Brovada

Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia photo via Flickr/desta

Come November, vignerons across the Northern Hemisphere are bracing themselves for the finish line: they are puffing their chests, widening their stride and pressing, pressing, quite literally, towards the end of harvest. The red wine fermentations that they have been minding so carefully have bubbled to a stop; skins and seeds have been shoveled from [...]

Sausage Party: The Meat Hook and Malbec

Grilling Fire

The relationship between a deep red wine and barbecue cannot be undersold. While red wines can certainly speak of refinement and sophistication, there are also many with a smokiness or gaminess that conjure primal open fire cooking (though if you really want to be primal you’ll probably reach for a Coors, not a malbec). A decent malbec [...]

From this Duck’s Heart to Yours


A Belated Valentine’s Day Pairing There we were, breaking in our new pink immersion blender on a batch of frozen cranberry margaritas when Chef John Fink of The Whole Beast showed up with an armful of sausages. But these weren’t just any sausages. Oh no, there were Fink’s special Valentine’s Day sausages (it was after [...]