The Difference Between ‘Lifestyle’ And Living

For anyone who ever wondered, ‘What kind of dining set defines me as a person?’

We call this section of Table To Grave “Live” (short on the i there, as in “free or die” not “at Royal Albert Hall”) instead of the more conventional “lifestyle” because of all the ways that word has been perverted. The word “lifestyle” now exemplifies neither one of its parts.

So, on this site it’s simply “living” with the directive to live (and yes, fuck Martha Stewart).

More specifically, what you’ll find are all the subjects and topics that don’t fit into our epicurean focus (most publications have a dining section — we have an everything else section and this is it). This can mean everything from the types of conversations on religion, politics, art and pop culture you’d have over the kitchen table to non-food related diversions that fit into the full and well-balanced life — cycling, hiking, snowboarding, crocheting. What have you.

Okay, you’ve got us. It’s a lifestyle section. Though while some may call it lifestyle, we just call it living.