The More Harvests Change

Poor harvests and lower yields have limited the supply of grapes in many regions of Northern California, leading some to fret over pricing and others to get excited about new possibilities. It led us (as things often do) to the words of the charismatic founder of The Wine & Food Society.

Commerce is a public service and not merely a money-making device. A teacher is a bad teacher whose paramount concern is his pay and not his pupils. So also is he a bad trader whose sole ambition is to buy cheaply and sell quickly, one who takes no pride in his trade, whose greed is his law and whose least concern is his fellow men …

There are times when supplies are so scarce and so difficult to procure that the question of fair quality and fair prices no longer exists. It is our misfortune to labor under abnormal conditions, born of war, and to live in times when dark clouds completely hide from view the bright star which should be the guiding light of all trades.

-André L. Simon in an address to the Wine Trade Club in England in winter 1919.